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What Are Bingo Promotion Codes?

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What Are Bingo Promotion Codes?

Bingo promotion codes or bingo promo codes as they are commonly known as are usually codes such as, Lucky70 or Free90. These codes are usually unique to a bingo site and can be used to gain extra bingo money to play with. These bingo codes are usually in percentage and will go something like the following: Enter the code FREE90 to get 90% when you deposit between �10 and �100. So, if you deposited �10 you would get an extra �9 to play with bingo being �19 in total. The more you deposit with these codes the more bingo money you will end up with and although these codes are not first come first serve they do usually expire with 24 to 48 hours.

To use these promotion codes you need to enter them when prompted on the deposit screen on the stated bingo site. Be sure to enter the correct code because if you do not you will not be eligible for the free bingo money. Some sites are case sensitive so if the codes are wrote in capital letters you need to enter them in capital letters. Usually coping and pasting the codes are the best method to ensure codes have been entered properly.

The reason bingo sites use such promo codes is to entice more people into playing their site. People love freebies and free money to play with and the idea of getting free bingo money to play with to a bingo player is an offer that can not be missed. The situation is kind of like a win win situation for both parties. The bingo site gets people to deposit and the bingo players get free money to play with

Do not always be fooled. Some people use these codes and then think they can play the online games and slots on these bingo sites but usually these codes do not give you actual money to play with but bingo money instead. This means that you can only play bingo with them, you can however still win and then use the new winnings to play games and slots but the bingo points themselves you can not.