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There are various untruths surrounding online bingo. If you are yet to actually try online bingo for yourself then you may be guilty in believing some of these popular myths. This article will explore these false assumptions and aims to set you straight!

The first myth is that only women play online bingo. It is in fact estimated that 10-20% of online bingo players are men so if you are a woman and think that there are going to be only females there, don't be surprised if in a gang of ten there are a couple of gents in your group. The next myth is also related to people. For some reason, the belief also still exists that online bingo is less sociable than live bingo. I would in fact argue the complete opposite. How easy is it to approach a stranger at a live bingo hall and start chatting? Its doable if not a little awkward. However, how easy is it to approach a group of ten people and start chatting. Unless you ooze some kind of super confidence this is a daunting aspect for anyone but this is not so in the world of online bingo. Whilst playing online bingo you often immediately talk to the rest of the group as soon as you enter the room, in fact this is positively encouraged by the chat host. You are bound to know each others names after a few games and with Facebook and instant messaging being so popular its both easy and convenient to keep in touch.

The final myth this article will explore is that online bingo is a substitute for land based bingo. If you love a good night out at a bingo hall you may think that online bingo is not the hobbie for you. This should not be the case as the two can coexist and compliment each other. For those nights when you can't get out why not play at home instead? Another advantage of playing at home is that you can play bingo for free. There is plenty of room for both of these activities to exist in fact I say the more bingo the better!
Play bingo for free