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Online Poker vs. Real Life Poker
During the last decade something of a renaissance occurred in the world of poker. Charismatic and successful players such as Gus Hansen, Daniel Negreanu and Antonio Esfandiari caught the attention of TV execs who decided that live poker was interesting enough to broadcast on their networks.

The previously small online poker industry exploded overnight with traffic and as a result a lot of people wanted to play and the quickest and easiest way to get your hands on a game, was on the internet. Still is really.

There are things you must know when playing online compared to the real deal. The main thing you have to do, is more or less forget about the idea of bluffing. Online poker has almost as much in common with blackjack as it does with real life poker. The way to win is to play a system.

Play as many hands as you can. Get as much value out of your high percentage hands as you can and lose as little as you can with low percentage hands.

This is equally true for live poker, but a guy like Gus Hansen is so talented at reading body language and presenting false body language that he almost doesn't have to rely on a system, preferring to freestyle, and is still one of the best in the world. This tactic is utterly absurd for playing online, because you can't see your opponent and they can't see you.

Sure there is an strong element to bluffing that involves betting strong when you are weak and vice versa, and this is perhaps even more effective on the internet, but players online, hiding in their own anonymity tend to be more reckless, and bluffs will be called far more often, when the other guy doesn't feel so exposed to scrutiny.

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Online Poker vs. Real Life Poker

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